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Licensed Trade Stocktake

Licensed Trade

As we are a Scottish company we recognise that margins differ from central and southern Britain.  We are based in Central Scotland and are attached to an accountancy practice, and therefore we have ready access to most suppliers costings applicable to your business.  We have a more than efficient team available to travel to all points in Scotland and North East England and we can result ON THE DAY!

We have incorporated specialist equipment to make the process more efficient and accurate;

  • Kegmiser:  A hand held computer that determines to the nearest pint what volume remains in Kegs/Barrels.  With the current retail price of beer it provides the most acceptable and accurate method for analysing your stock.
  • Hydrometer Testing:  Prosecutions by the Customs and Excise for diluting of spirits have resulted in maximum fines being made for £2000 per bottle.  Hydrometer testing in your bars can provide independent reports which can be acknowledged as and when you find yourself in the unfortunate situation with the Customs and Excise.
  • SG201 Stock Gauge:  A hand held battery powered device which accurately measures the contents of started spirits, liqueurs and fortified wine bottles.  These measurements can be taken with the bottles mounted on optical pourers.  An incorporated bar code reader is used to set up the initial stock file.  This file is then used to make subsequent stock checks and audits quicker and simpler.


Specialised Services

  • Cash Reconciliation (Float):  Conduct a physical cash balance of all monies pertinent to the stocktake period end, including Floats / Monies held in Safe / Monies outstanding / Credit and Debit transactions pending.
  • Banking Reconciliation:  Stock Period Bank reconciliation.  Review stock period bank debits and credits, balance to bank.   Figures can be shown as percentage of bankings vs takings to ensure the maximum is banked to obtain mimimal cash on hand
  • VAT Analysis:  Conduct full descriptive VAT return analysis in keeping with the VAT 100 form.
  • Test Counts:  Mainly associated with Corporate clients, although can be adapted to small to medium business enterprises.  The site is visited by a qualified Auditor / Stocktaker, where a full or partial, specific or non-specific physical spot check can be verified.  This would be completed following the stocktake conducted in-house by the location manager.  Training can be given and / or stocktake preparation documents can be supplied.
  • Test Purchases:  Mainly associated with Corporate clients, where a predefined or standard pricing policy is in place at specific locations or throughout the company.  Specific or non-specific purchases can be made, specific company policies can be reviewed at the time of purchase to ensure standardisation of pricing and policies throughout the company.  Morning, afternoon and or evening visits can be requested.


Contact us now for a FREE consultation whatever your requirements:

  • Monthly Audit Work
  • Year End Stock Valuations
  • Inventory Valuations
  • Change-over Stocktaking
  • Insurance Investigation
  • Financial Reports straight from the computer, as you require
  • Fast, accurate management information in a readable format
  • Discussion and advice add to the value of the audit compiled
  • Glossary to summarise all of the above

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