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About Us

The Directors Greg & Maureen Spence having been involved in the internal audit and valuation industry throughout, retail, wholesale and industrial organizations for over thirty five years.

They State:

“Stocktaking is no longer about simply counting and then taking a nebulous something of the end result!  Using inexperienced staff who probably dislike counting stock at the annual valuation , can lead to many errors being made because of the many interruptions etc.  Then there is the tedious task of assembling all of this information, preparation, extending, analyzing and cataloguing may and normally can take several weeks or even months may pass before any sense can be made of an in-house count”.

Our staff are all employed full time and are trained and qualified to the highest of standards.

  • Members of the Trade Valuers Institute of Great Britain and also;
  • Members of our own Scottish Valuers

All staff undergo an extremely arduous and continual assessment of their abilities and are experienced in all aspects of valuation and audit procedures as the guidelines of SSAP9 (The Standard Statement of Accountancy Practice 9).

A specialized set of reports are prepared and presented to the clients on the physical day of any valuation or Stocktake.  Discussion advice and recommendations are made to enhance the business.

Greg prides himself in his ability to recognize each clients individual set of requirements and this is the key attribute in determining the format of service required, unlike many of our competitors who believe that every business’ requirements are fundamentally the same.  “Nothing could be further from the truth”, explains Greg.  It mainly comes with the experience and above all being in a privileged position of running various companies over the past 30 years.  Where one has been responsible for every aspect of the business that they are in, current up-to-date management information is essential in maintaining an edge.  Without the knowledge one simply cannot assess the way forward.

In today’s competitive market one must have this “knowledge” and it must be on-going.  A yearly set of accounts prepared by an accountant can be a very long time: normally twelve months, this can prove to be too late when the inevitable can happen!

“We Value Your Business”